Volunteer Stories

Why we help

Tom Harrison:

“I’ve volunteered with Feeding 5000 a number of times. I’ve prayed with a few of the “clients” and enjoyed all the kind people I’ve worked with. If I could describe my volunteering here in one word, I think it would be fulfilling. It’s very satisfying to help others in need, to know that we’re feeding the hungry. And so many good people volunteer. I would encourage others to get involved, tell them about my experience, and ask them to give it a try.”


St. Charles Borromeo Church - Tim Hurley, 8th Grade Teacher:

"For the past several years, the 8th grade confirmation class from St Charles Borromeo in Cinnaminson has participated in the Feeding 5000 program. It has provided a wonderful opportunity to learn the true meaning of service. To say it has been life changing would be an understatement. The opportunity to serve the poor and homeless in Philadelphia has opened the eyes of our young people. From preparing the food to serving our new "friends", the students have the chance to live their faith."

"We look forward to continuing to support this wonderful program!"


Fellowship Alliance Chapel - Marty Berglund, Senior Pastor:

"Hundreds of people in our church have been involved in the Feeding 5,000 ministry. It’s been a highly effective ministry. Through Feeding 5,000, people have been given an opportunity to minister to people in a deeper way, beyond what they normally have opportunity to do. Not only were our people able to tangibly meet the needs of others in a practical sense and we were also able to meet them in a Christ-like way, thereby opening a door for the Gospel to change another life. But the opportunity also had life-changing effects upon the people from our church which moved them further along in the discipleship process in their lives."

"I thank God for Feeding 5,000 and highly recommend it to other churches."