Meet Jim Mather


About Jim Mather


It’s easy to recognize when you’re in the company of a charismatic, confident leader. It is also inspiring when that person is completely driven by his faith. Jim Mather has both of those traits. He is totally committed to help the hungry and the homeless in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

Jim understands what it’s like to be at “rock bottom.” He is a recovering alcoholic who has experienced the underbelly of that dreaded disease and all the baggage that comes with it. So far, he is winning that battle, but he knows those demons lurk in the shadows as they do for every soul with addictive tendencies. His faith in God gives him all the strength he needs in his courageous fight.

Mr. Mather heard his calling in 2008 when he noticed the growing number of homeless people on the streets of Philadelphia. One day, he and a friend started buying fast-food sandwiches for the people on the street and it continued each weekend for some time. They had to develop a better way to reach more people. Just look at where Feeding 5000 is today and our trajectory for a bright future.

Every day when you’re at work, at home, with family or pursuing your passions, know that Jim Mather is working diligently and compassionately, to ease the burden of those who are not currently able to help themselves. He can be found scouting for food donations, funding, volunteers, writing grants or finding sponsors. Whether on the streets delivering food and clothing or directing meal prep at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, Jim orchestrates the tasks like a confident maestro.

When you volunteer with Feeding 5000 you will join over 300 individuals, many who return week after week, month after month.  Jim will thank you with a great big bear hug. Some people will give thanks in a very polite and generic fashion. Jim grabs you and you feel his soul-deep appreciation. When you look in his eyes you can see the hawk-like focus…his determination to help the downtrodden and to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

- MJ 2019

Jim can be reached directly at